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SermeTel coating

SermeTel coating is a business that has been carried out with a surface treatment-related, is a technology for surface modification.
The feature, protect the parts from rust, to prevent surface oxidation due to the high temperature combustion gas and the like, and parts destruction caused by it.

Basis of SermeTel coating

Basis of SermeTel coating

SermeTel coating developed by U.S. Sermatech International Corporation(now:Oraxair Inc.) is the coating for the purpose of protection of the metal components used in severe environment at high temperatures.
Resistant to degradation by corrosion and high temperature oxidation, remarkable advantages compared to other surface treatment to protect corrosion has been observed.

Currently, HODEN SEIMITSU KAKO KENKYUSHO Co.,LTD. is not only as the only domestic contractors a lot of air line of the world have adopted this technology, we have greatly contributed to society in variety of civilian products other than aircraft.

Characteristics of the SermeTel coating

It can withstand temperatures of up to 650 ℃.
Resistance to oxidation at high temperatures
SermaLoy J, diffusion coating protects the base material up to 1100 ℃.
So it can be easily peeled off with an aqueous alkali solution, can easily re-coating.
It has excellent anti-corrosion effect by the sacrificial protection effect.
Even if the base material is deformed, or coating is peeling, not cracked, and firmly adhered to the base material.

A practical example of SermeTel coating


Or exhibit resistance to corrosive materials, such as the exhaust gas by utilizing the characteristics, by being used in the compressor blades and the like of an aircraft jet engine, to improve the fuel consumption rate also contributes to enhancing the economy.

In addition, taking advantage of the property, it has also been utilized high temperature components in the heat treatment furnance and the like, fuel cell-related parts, and compressor for the chemical plant of the production of ethylene and the like.

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